How to Book An Appointment

For the safety of yourself, my clients, my colleagues, and myself, please read through this entire page to understand how things work and the measures we’re taking with COVID-19 and the new policies we’ve established.



I am available by appointment only, I do not take walk-ins. Currently, I am only booking up to two months in advance from the current date. For example, if it is February, I am only booking for February and March. If you are looking for a date outside of that time frame, please submit closer to the time.


Consults are free and usually take 15 minutes. One on one consults in person are preferred but not necessary if distance is an issue and can be done over e-mail. Head over to the submission form to fill out the information. Final designs or drawings are not sent out prior to the appointment.

Deposit and Payment

There is an $80 tattoo minimum, with a $50 deposit at the time of your booking.  $100 deposits will be taken for larger and on going work. Please be prepared to leave a deposit to hold your date and time. If you do not leave a deposit, you do not have an appointment with me. You can venmo me (savronthegreat) or leave your deposit in cash. I do not take cards or check.

On the day of your appointment, please bring cash.

Your Appointment

When showing up for your appointment, please arrive a few minutes before your scheduled time but please no more than 15 minutes. 10 minutes beforehand for new clients to complete paper work. You will need to bring a form of ID with your birth date.

If you think you are going to be late, please call ahead to inform me. If you are more than 20 minutes late to an appointment, you will need to reschedule and another deposit will be taken for your next appointment.

No Shows + Cancellations

People who no show to their appointment will lose their deposit and in most cases will not be worked with or rescheduled in the future as well as forfeiting their design.

If you need to reschedule, please e-mail me with 48 hours notice so your appointment time can be filled with someone else. Another deposit will be taken if you reschedule within less than 48-24 hours.

Touch Ups

All tattoos are guaranteed and come with one free touch up as long as that touch up is used within one year of getting the tattoo. After that, touch ups are charged the shop minimum of $80.


Rarely do I book appointments to cover up or continue another artists piece of work. I also rarely take on ideas for fingers as well.

Parental Consent

I do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18, I cannot tattoo you and I cannot give refunds if you show up the day of your appointment underage.


For the foreseeable future, all clients must come to their appointments with a mask and alone. Guests will not be allowed in, not even in the lobby while filling out paperwork or waiting with you. This includes couples and members of the same household with back to back appointments. Please do not come together, but arrive at your scheduled times separately. All RETURN CLIENTS note that even if this was previously allowed, it no longer will be! Everyone must sanitize their hands once inside the shop and wash again once at my station after filling out paperwork. 

Only essential items will be allowed in like phone, keys, wallet, etc.. Larger bags, backpacks and large purses won’t be allowed into my station as well as outside food and drink. If you are early to your appointment, please wait outside or in your car until your appointment time. There is a high volume of foot traffic in front of the shop on Broadway for those that are immunocompromised or want to avoid passerby’s. Everyone must sanitize their hands once inside the shop and wash again once at my station after filling out paperwork. Please let me know if you are unable to provide a mask for yourself.

 If you happen to be sick, the rescheduling policy has been temporarily relaxed. Any client experiencing fever, cough or shortness of breath for any period of time before your appointment should immediately contact me to reschedule, even if the morning of. Your deposit will be safely transferred over to the new date.

If you have recently traveled please consider rescheduling your appointment or I may reschedule it for you if I am aware that you have recently traveled.

If you are looking to schedule a consult, please note that I am currently trying to do all consults over email during COVID. Send over your references and a detailed list or summary of what you are looking for in your tattoo design if you do not have references. I understand some designs that are bigger need to be discussed in person to avoid confusion. This will be decided at my discretion and then an in-person consult time will be made if that is the case.

A few tattoo designs/areas I do not take on are: realism/portraits, full-color flowers without outlines and geometry (but I can recommend you an artist or shop), or silhouetted tree/mountain sleeves. I rarely, almost never, tattoo fingers or faces but I would be happy to recommend you to another artist for anything I am not booking right now. 

I do not send out sketches and I do not begin drawing designs without an appointment. To make an appointment a nonrefundable $50 or $100 (for larger or ongoing pieces) deposit will be taken. Deposits can be sent via Venmo, which I will send you the information for once we confirm a date. If you do not send over that deposit, you do not have that appointment. 

My books will open the last week of every month for the next month out. So if it is the last week of June, I am booking for July. Right now this is the most manageable way for me to book in case any Stay at Home orders or quarantines are put in place. I am off on Sundays and Mondays. 

In light of recent events with racism and sexual harassment, if you happen to have unfinished artwork from a tattooer that you are no longer comfortable working with, please do not hesitate to inquire about having me finish your piece or cover up that tattoo. Even if I personally am not able to do the tattoo myself, I will do my best to recommend an artist or shop that can help you that I trust. 

I am offering free ink color tests or “dots” to any POC, please include in your submission form that you are interested in this and I can set an appointment for you.

I am currently working on setting up a sort of tattoo fund to help POC that have dealt with racism from a shop or have been tattooed by a racist artist, cover their appointment costs, that anyone especially non-POC can donate to at their tattoo appointments or by Venmo. If you are interested in knowing more, please email me or follow @savronthegreat for updates and info to soon come. Feel free to also ask me in person. 

For raffles, benefits and giveaways, announcements will be made on Instagram.

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If you have read through the information above IN IT’S ENTIRETY, then you may use the form below to submit your request.